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SEVEN MANAGEMENT HAT [3] The Leadership Hat

3 THE LEADERSHIP HAT: TAKING THE LEAD Leadership is the third component of managing. There are those who make a distinction between managing and leading. While leadership is vital, it is only one part of the management process. Leadership doesn’t work in isolation to meet organizational objectives. Keep in mind that we’re considering leadership as […]

SEVEN MANAGEMENT HAT [2] The Direction Hat

2. THE DIRECTION HAT: TEACHER, COACH, PROMOTER, INNOVATOR In providing direction, managers integrate knowledge, skills, attitudes, personal characteristics, and experience of the unit into an effective and efficient team. Providing direction involves managing the assigned and available resources within the limits of the organizational infrastructure. The resources include people, intellectual property, information, organizational attributes, technology, […]

SEVEN MANAGEMENT HAT [1] Administration Hat

Making a transition to management requires understanding the basic functions of the manager. This is the manager’s work from seven basic perspectives -the seven management hats : ADMINISTRATION HAT—managing the nuts and bolts DIRECTION HAT—teacher, coach, promoter, and innovator LEADERSHIP HAT—taking the lead PEOPLE HAT—understanding human behavior ACTION HAT—the hands-on work HIGH-ANXIETY HAT—the challenging work […]

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