Career Warfare Rule 1: Try to Look Beyond Your Own Navel (David D’Alessandro) by Yudha Argapratama

The biggest obstacle in building a positive personal brand is your own ego. In orderto develop an attractive personal brand, you need to have self-respect and you needto respect the people around you. You must be able to recognize the value of otherpeople’s approval and how others view you. Try to look at your actions through theeyes of other people. Remember: their views and judgment carries more weightthan you think.Keep in mind that everything you do and say will be viewed as evidence of who youare. People make judgment on the basis of your actions and on what they see. Youcannot build a good reputation if you can’t view yourself the way they will be viewing you.

Getting Noticed

Getting noticed by powerful people in your organization might not be an easy task,but this step is crucial in establishing your personal brand. Below are some ways toget noticed:Offer something that the organization is missing. Inject or offer some newideas, views, and solutions to your company.Become a source of news that could be or is vital to your team andorganization.Associate your “personal brand” to something prestigious and valuable andyou will become valuable too. Know the best places to dine. Associate withthe right crowd. Remember that access to the right people can do wonders.

Developing a Reputation

Getting noticed is the first step. You now must develop a personal brand (i.e.reputation) that would and can propel you to success. Here are 5 key qualities for agood reputation:

1. Earning the organization money.

2. Telling the truth.

3. Being discreet. Have an excellent judgment when to speak and when tokeep quiet

4. Making people want to work for you. Be a people person and have areputation for fairness.

Remember, to have a successful personal brand, you need to:

1. Be self-aware. Keep in mind that what you do, what you say, can reflectgreatly on you. People judge you on these things.

2. Be noticed by the right people.

3. Develop qualities that suggest you are going places

Source : Career Warfare. David D’Alessandro. Mc Graw Hill. 2003

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